February 6,  2017 I went to urgent care with flu like symptoms and a rash on my inner thigh.  I was given antibiotics and sent home to return the next morning for another round.  I wasn't given antibiotics I was loaded into an ambulance and taken across the street to the main hospital where I was told I was going into emergency surgery, the fight for my life had begun. My family was told to gather because my prognosis wasn't good.  I spent The next week in a coma. The next time I woke up was to Whitney Houston being found deceased. I would then remain on the ventilator and restraints another week.  During that week I endured abuse from male nurses,  my family could tell something was wrong but we're told "it's just the medication " causing my agitation. So not only would I be healing from NF, is also I'd be dealing with PTSD.  I had a total of 9 surgeries during  my 30 day hospital stay.


March 6, 2012 I was released and sent home on a wound vac.  For the next 2 months it was alternate days of wound vac to being packed with wet dressings soaked in a solution that smelled like bleach.  I lost my hair, my teeth began to crumble resulting in the need for dentures.


On May 16 I returned to work, my wound was still open and I still required daily bandage changes. After 6 months my wound closed without any skin grafts.  I had no idea how strong i was until i had to fight for my life.  My scars are my badges of strength, courage and determination.   I am truly blessed to have survived this horrible disease.  I truly believe God had a hand in my survival. The power of prayer is immeasurable.