Karen Vance

I have gone over this with people in my family about what happened to my hand. They still insist that it was a spider bite or Brown Recluse bite, to be more specific. I did not see what bit me so it must have been very small. Too small I would think to have been a Brown Recluse. I had plumbers in that afternoon to fix a leak that was under my bathroom and I was cleaning up after them and picked up some debris that was on the floor. After I put the debris in the trash I washed my hands very well. ( I come from a long line of clean freaks) A little later I noticed a small itchy bite on my hand between my thumb and index finger. It was no big deal, not even very red, just itchy. I went about my evening, had a friend over and she brought takeout but I was not very hungry, just a little off my feed,I thought. After she left I got out season 5 , I think it was, of GOT put it in my computer and put on my head phones. Yes I binge watched until around 3AM. When I was getting ready for bed I noticed my hand was getting swollen and was a little tinder. I had a thumb ring on so I thought I'd better take it off. I had some trouble getting it off but with a little dish soap, I got it off. I Thought I should call my Dr, when I get up, and went to bed. That was the last really clear memories I would have for over 3 weeks.