Tim Hayden




It was November 16, 2006 when I was diagnosed and treated for my NF. I had been feeling very achy and sore - like a really bad flu that week. When I awoke on Saturday the 16, I hurt so severely that my 15 year old son wanted me to go to the ER but I had no intention of going. I had red streaks running up my left arm, across my torso and they had started running down my right arm. My son, TJ , then called my brother to come take me to the hospital. After much arguing I was in no condition to fight so I went.

After arriving at the hospital everything that happened was very fuzzy. They immediately took me back and began working on me. Lucky for me there was an Infectious Disease doctor there in the ER that day. He ordered a culture and sent me for further testing. After figuring out what was happening they wanted to amputate my left arm. I refused to allow that and I demanded that they wait for my mother to arrive and she could make my decisions. She arrived, was given the run down, and she refused to allow them to take my arm. Thanks to her I still have it after 3 surgeries,  several debridement, 11 different antibiotics at one time, hyperbaric oxygen therapies, and other treatments. I had about 2 months of Physical Therapy and Hydro Therapy. I regained about 95% use of my arm and hand. I survived, I am here, and I hope that my story/ experience may help someone else.