Gloria Drage


Hey all. I’m Gloria, but people call me Glor. Before I contracted NF I was a preschool teacher. On the school holidays of October 2005, at the age of 21, I woke and I couldn’t walk. My right leg refused to work, so I called my dad & he took me to hospital. They didn’t see anything wrong just looked and noticed a bit of inflammation but sent me home. At the time I had the flu but it didn’t seem any different. The next night I’m in excruciating pain, head to the hospital again & they send me home to come back at 8 am for bloods. 

5 am rolls around I can’t wait for bloods, my left arm & right leg is bruised & black. Rushed via ambulance to Cowra hospital then to Orange where I have surgery because I need pressure released in my arm & leg. Rushed via helicopter to Westmead Hospital (died twice on the way) taken to surgery, where I have 18 skin graft operations, multiple blood transfusions, vacuum dressings, intensive care for 1 month, hospital stay for 7 months. 

I had Necrotising Fasciitis and streptococcus septicaemia. The whole thing happened from a strep throat infection that traveled through my body. If I had been given antibiotics on my first visit to the doctor a week before I would be okay.

I did 3 months rehab and learnt how to cut my food and use my arm and leg again. It was and still is a hard road. 

I lost use of my left arm from the shoulder to the hand and cannot use my hand properly. I have a foot drop in my right foot and lost muscles not only in my arm but leg too from the knee down. 

January, I fell & broke the same leg, dislocated the ankle & elbow. Finally got back on my feet & now I’ve had my toe removed on the same leg. I’m fighting melanoma. 

Life is a long series of adventures & mishaps, but I’m here for a reason & whatever the case may be, I’m going to fight this battle, cause only the hardest battles go to the toughest soldiers.