Philip Pike




13th July 2017, felt as though I had flue or a virus. My wife wanted to call the doctors, I said no. A day later I couldn't breathe, my wife quickly rung emergency service, ambulance swiftly arrived, & blue lighted it to Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge. Vaguely remember A&E, but lucky for me, a doctor knew something of my condition. Without that doctors decisive decision, I'd have died in A&E, while they were trying to diagnose me. I was rushed straight to theatre, where they had to remove, muscle & tissue from my buttock. I was put into an induced coma. My wife had to sign numerous consent forms, for the surgeons to try & save my life. They had a drug flown in from America, it turned me completely Blue. My life signs improved, with the help of numerous machines, & doctors.
My induced coma lasted 7 weeks, when I finally came round, I was confused, disoriented, devoid of any strength & wires everywhere. Information was drip fed, so as not to undermine my recovery. The nurses in ICU were so attentive & caring. I soon realized I had been very lucky to survive. I had a pacemaker, my kidneys didn't work, so had to have dialysis 5hrs every other day. Because of the site of my injury I had a stomma bag fitted. My fingers & toes are black & restrictive, some may have to be amputated at a later date.
I over time learnt to stand & then walk, I was improving every week. So much so, they discharged me on 24th October 2017.