P. Peterson

6 year survivor and count me as another who thought they had the flu. Whenever I have gotten sick, I've thought it was the flu and insisted I had it even while being diagnosed in the ER. After all, the only other thing worth bothering about was a pain in my buttocks and a small wound. They told me they had no reported cases of the flu and I said, well, report this! Smarta$$. Next thing I knew, I was on a helicopter being transported to Georgetown University Hospital.

I remember the flight and not much more. I was dreaming I had been kidnapped. Awoke briefly to see an IV and thought, gosh these kidnappers are clever. That looks like a real IV. Finally, reunited with my husband, I informed him of the kidnap and pleaded with him to get me out of there, because the woman at the cash register (ICU nurse at a computer) would not allow me to get out on the ski slopes to the right, or the NASCAR races on the left. (Fade to black)

Woke again to be informed I should consider signing a Do Not Resuscitate form. After hearing some people never come off life support, I gladly signed. I'd do it again. That's no way to live. Then, my savior surgeon came in and laid a guilt trip on me. "Don't you trust me?" (WTH? I don't even know you!) But, we tore up the DNR because I didn't want a disappointed surgeon operating on me. Ha!

25% chance of survival. Long story a little shorter, numerous debridements, an 18" L by 8" W and 6" deep "shark bite from the top of the hip bone into the groin. Same length, width, skin graft from my thigh, 4 weeks in hospital, talked them out of putting me in rehab and had 2 months in-home rehab with visiting nurses and physical therapists. Happy to be alive!

I am a diabetic which contributed to me getting NF. Other than that, I don't know how the original wound happened. The doctor said I was lucky they were able to identify the bacteria quickly and begin treatment. I was also lucky to be in a local ER that quickly realized this was something they could not handle. And after I had convinced myself I wasn't going to die in a helicopter crash, I rather enjoyed the ride. The Potomac is beautiful in the Fall