Lynette Wilson's Story:

I'm feeling extremely blessed today.  In April 2012, I contracted the deadly illness Necrotizing Fasciitis.  This was a very scary time for me and my family when they had to rush me to the emergency room.  I had developed a boil on my buttock and inner thigh area.  Like most people I tried to treat it myself with home remedies.  The site appeared to have healed and I thought that it was over, but it was just beginning. For the next few days I felt a little tired and sluggish, but I assumed that it was from working 50 hour weeks.  I left work early on Friday as I was still feeling crappy.  On Sunday morning I woke up feeling dizzy and disoriented, I took some medicine and laid back down.  I told my mother that if I did not feel better I was going to the hospital.  When I woke up all heal had broken lose. I felt myself starting to blackout, I asked my mother to call 911.  When EMS arrived I was alert but when I stood to walk to the ambulance I fainted.  I was told by my family that the ambulance sat in front of my home trying to resuscitate me as I went flat line.  I was revived and transported to Saint Louis University Hospital.  Thank God that they have a Center for Disease Control on site. I came to in the intensive care unit where I remained for about 6 weeks.  I don’t know how they the doctors had determined that I had a flesh eating disease and as I could not give them any information.  Late on the doctors came out and told my family the diagnosis and that I would not live through the night.  However, they did continue to attempt to save my life.  That's when my when my "FAMILY" started praying.  By the grace of GOD I did live through the night.  I remained in the hospital for two more months and endured about thirty surgeries for the doctors had to remove the dead  flesh to the bone.  I now have a new relationship with PAIN.  So I thank all of you who prayed, sent cards, visited, cooked meals, or encouraged me in any way.  After my three month hospital stay I was sent to a rehabilitation center where I had to learn to walk and do everything all over again.  The pain in my leg has reduced, the swelling has gone down, and it is healing very well.  I thank GOD for bringing me through this frightening experience for HE is the real doctor. And as the great Mya Angelou said "And Still I Rise!"  May GOD continue to bless you all.