Pat Walton

 13th July 2017 I'd been feeling poorly for a while so went to GP. They took bloods and told me to come back next day. 
But a few hours later my blood pressure was sow low I passed out. 
My partner called an Ambulance. A&E were very busy and I waited a long time to be seen. They were flummoxed to why my BP was so low. My sister then noticed a black mark appearing on my arm. 
By the time I went to a holding ward this was rapidly growing. On the 15th I was then blue lighted to another hospital and rushed into surgery. I woke 2 weeks later in ICU. Several surgeries and 8 kg of flesh later NF had struck fast. No obvious wounds or reasons why. 
Had a large skin graft and spent a few more weeks in hospital. 
Turns out my family were too told I wouldn't survive. And at one point they signed to remove my arm. 
Sadly while I was in hospital my partner had a burst ulcer and passed away, so planning his funeral became my priority and my healing was put on hold. 
I still have nurses every other day, but I only have a few open sites left. 
The last 2 months have truly been a nightmare.