Roseann Carrell


Well my wound area is on my buttocks so sitting and stuff is tough. I started my journey on this nightmare back Sept of 2017. I had a cyst or boil lanced at my family doctors, and it was left open and draining. I got sick like flu symptoms. Then got so I could’nt remember anything. I was to go for a follow up appointment but never made it. I was found by my neighbor trying to get in the car and kept saying I was going on the house. Funny now, but not then, I was pushing my garbage can and said I was taking it to the parade. Ended up at ER I was septic and in shock, my body had started to shut down. Doctors there diagnosed my NF. Intial surgery done then medivaced out Ohio State Wexner. I was in there 15 days, went through several surgeries including a colostomy. Had feed tube and catheter, kidneys very weak. From there I went to an acuity center from September 29 to November 7, then to nursing home until December. I had a wound vac at first, then wet to dry, now a different dressing. The intial wound covered both buttock cheeks and was fist deep. I now have 2 small areas close to the anal entrance. The plastic surgeon is considering closing them, and the wound specialist says I am at a stand still in healing.